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Preparing for Your Overseas University/Graduate School

Hiring Top Professors from American Universities to Personally Mentor Research Projects in Taiwan

Prof. Arri Eisen

Emory University

Experimental Biology: An American College Course for High Schoolers

Program intro

Discover the power of project-based learning in our immersive 3-week summer program, guided by accomplished U.S. professors. Engage in collaborative endeavors with professors to create unique research projects tailored to your interests, delving into either a singular or cross-disciplinary subject. Unleash your creativity and academic curiosity by partnering with a professor to develop an original research project, offering insights into both singular and interdisciplinary realms of study.

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Embark on a transformative 3-week summer program, where you'll unlock the potential of project-based learning under the guidance of U.S. professors. Collaborate on original research projects with professors, exploring single or cross-disciplinary subjects to fuel your academic curiosity.

U.S. Pre-College Courses

Professor Team

Prof. Paul Tiffany

UC Berkeley

International Business Management

Prof.Arri Eisen.jpg
  Prof. Arri Eisen

Emory University

What Makes Us Who We Are?

- A 21st-century Experimental

Biology Course

Prof.Gerald Penn.jpg
Prof. Gerald Penn

University of Toronto

Computer Science: Python and Artificial Intelligence


Course Overview

  • International Business Management

  • Experimental Biology: An American College Course for High Schoolers

  • Computer Science: Python and Natural Language Processing

Course Overview

Courses Advantages

Recommendation letter

Enhance your application to American universities with a commendation from a U.S. professor. This recommendation not only boosts your credibility and competitiveness but also offers unique insights into your academic, professional, and personal qualities. Elevate your application and stand out with a compelling recommendation letter.

Personal achievement

Experience personal growth as professors guide you through deep learning, igniting motivation, and exploring the significance of your achievements. It's more than a class; it's a journey toward meaningful understanding and personal success. 


Enhance your academic standing and influence by publishing your research. Elevate credibility, reputation, and contribute to the academic community's collective knowledge base. Shape the future of your field through impactful dissemination of your findings. 

International competitions

Empowering academic backgrounds and bolstering competitiveness, the program stands as a valuable asset, providing students with an extra edge for admission to esteemed institutions.

Exploring major subjects

Boost your critical thinking, enhance learning, and refine application skills to elevate your professional foundation for accelerated growth and success.  

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