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Experimental Biology

Updated: May 1

2024 Pre-College Summer Course | Experimental Biology Camp

2024 Pre-College Summer Course | What Makes Us Who We Are?- A 21st-century Experimental Biology Course

Are you interested in:

✔️ Experience hands-on experimental research in a laboratory setting

✔️ Challenge yourself with college-level biology courses

✔️ Learn to think like an outstanding scientific researcher

✔️ Attempt to answer what has shaped us today from a biological perspective

✔️ Practice reflective thinking through writing in a personal "Scientific Thought Journal"

✔️ Explore the social and biological academic world

✔️ Understand human behavior, isolate plant DNA, and identify bacteria in the environment through hands-on scientific experiments

You will experience:

+ Guided by renowned researcher and professor Gerald Penn from a top 30 university in the United States

+ Learn alongside 8-12 classmates and 1 professional teaching assistant

+ Complete 40 hours of instructional guidance

+ A 12-day comprehensive course

+ Explore 3 interesting areas in biology and pharmacology:

+ Genetics

+ Bacteriology

+ Epigenetics

+ A summer camp that students majoring in biology should not miss

 You will learn:

*  Access and synthesize that information

*  Come up with good questions and hypotheses

*  Work well as teams

*  Find biological themes

*  Learn how to fit your discoveries into what’s already known

*  Analyze data

*  Communicate our findings

*  Consider the ethical implications of our work

—— You will achieve ——

Scientific thinking skills


Experimental design and planning skills


Data generation and analysis skills


Enhance your understanding of biology through the social environment


Opportunity to receive a personalized recommendation letter from the professor

—— About Professor Arri Eisen ——

Prof. Eisen

- Emory University -


Teaching at Emory University, specializing in introductory biology, cell biology, epigenetics, and developmental biology. The professor has published numerous articles in the fields of basic research, biology education, research ethics, and research ethics education.

| Academic Achievements |

Recipient of the "Nat C. Roberson" Outstanding Teaching Award. Teaching undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, physicians, and professors at Emory University, earning numerous teaching accolades in the process.

| Scholarly Accomplishments |

Has held interdisciplinary positions and collaborated with undergraduates, lawyers, physicists, psychologists, historians, and Buddhists in peer-reviewed publications. Over the past 33 years, has mentored over a thousand students, many of whom have achieved great success in the fields of science, medicine, and other disciplines.

—— More Information ——

Course Date:


Course Schedule:

Monday to Friday, 8 AM - 12 PM

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