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Deepen your engagement with professors: specialized research led by PhD experts

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Program intro

The Independent Research Study (IRS) program allows you to explore academic subjects in-depth with 8 sessions. With a comprehensive database of professors in fields ranging from design to computer science, the program will be able to match your interests in deep learning, research or project based learning. The program's outcomes include the creation and presentation of a research paper, with the potential for journal publication and participation in research competitions. 

Within an exceptional team on a global stage, gazing upon an extraordinary academic arena, realizing limitless achievements.

Recommendation letter

Enhance your application to American universities with a commendation from a U.S. professor. This recommendation not only boosts your credibility and competitiveness but also offers unique insights into your academic, professional, and personal qualities. Elevate your application and stand out with a compelling recommendation letter.

Personal achievement

Empower yourself to achieve limitless success, academically and personally, within a program designed for growth and exploration by learning from the experts. 

research chances  

Engage in deep learning, research, and project-based activities, creating a practical link between theory and application.

Publication and competition opportunities 

Showcase your work with the chance for research paper publication and participation in prestigious research competitions.

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