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2024 U.S. University Professors Summer Courses in Taiwan

Updated: Apr 29

2024 American University Professors Summer Courses in Taiwan| US Pre-College Summer Courses |Renowned American university professors lead the camp in Taiwan|7/1 - 7/19

2024 American University Professors Lead the Camp

American prestigious university professor team

Prof. Paul Tiffany

- University of California, Berkeley -


International Business Management

- International corporate management and commercialization business models -

- Business analysis -

Prof. Gerald Penn

- University of Toronto -


Computer Science: Python and Artificial Intelligence

- NLP: Natural Language Processing -

- Robot programming -

Prof. Arri Eisen

- Emory University -


What Makes Us Who We Are?- A 21st-century Experimental Biology Course

- Biology and Genetics -

- Bacterial and Microbial Analysis -

Advantages of American Professors' Summer University Preparatory Courses

When applying to American universities, high school students must actively participate in extracurricular activities to highlight their interests and expertise, increasing their competitiveness in the application process. In addition to academic performance, personal experience, and social engagement are key areas that university admissions officers pay attention to. Furthermore, participating in university preparatory courses led by top American university professors can enhance students' academic abilities and professional knowledge, demonstrating their enthusiasm for applying to university and the direction of their major.

Student feedback

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Course Date: 2024/07/01~07/19

Course Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9 AM - 12 PM

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